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Orifice Plates are thin plates with hole in middle and is used in pipes in fluid flow applications. These plates make the fluid force to go through small hole and are used for meeting the requirements of carrying out continuous measurement of fluid flow in pipes.

  • Used in Orifice Meter for flow measuring where it restricts flow and develops differential pressure proportional to square of flow rate
  • The gained flow measuring accuracy depends upon quality of Orifice plate, how it is installation and maintained
  • Also finds suitability for measuring of wet gas or saturated steam
  • Provides for work accuracy of within +/-1%
  • Suitable for almost all fluid types
  • Suitable for all size of pipes from 1/2" to 36"

  • Used in Orifice meters for carrying out continuous measurement of fluid flow in pipes


Standards Manufactured as per ISA / AGA/ API / ANSI standards
Material SS304 /SS316 / SS316L /Hastelloy C / Monel
Bores Different options as per the applications
Finish category of two types - Paddle Type, Universal Palate

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