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Type Of Copper Nickel Bolts Available At Best Price:


 Copper NickelHex Head Bolt
 Copper NickelSocket Cap Screw
 Copper NickelCarriage Bolt
Copper Nickel Hex Head Bolt
Copper Nickel Socket Cap Screw
Copper Nickel Carriage Bolt
 Copper NickelFlange Bolt
 Copper NickelElevator Bolt
 Copper NickelLag Bolt
Copper Nickel Flange Bolt
Copper Nickel Elevator Bolt
Copper Nickel Lag Bolt
 Copper NickelStove Bolt
 Copper NickelTap Bolt
 Copper NickelMachine Bolt
Copper Nickel Stove Bolt
Copper Nickel Tap Bolt
Copper Nickel Machine Bolt
 Copper NickelGrub Screw
 Copper NickelSet Screw
 Copper NickelShoulder Bolt
Copper Nickel Grub Screw
Copper Nickel Set Screw
Copper Nickel Shoulder Bolt
 Copper NickelAnchor Bolt
 Copper NickelEye Bolt
 Copper NickelPlow Bolt
Copper Nickel Anchor Bolt
Copper Nickel Eye Bolt
Copper Nickel Plow Bolt
 Copper NickelDraw Bolt
 Copper NickelHanger Bolt
 Copper NickelStep Bolt
Copper Nickel Draw Bolt
Copper Nickel Hanger Bolt
Copper Nickel Step Bolt
 Copper NickelU Bolt
 Copper NickelJ Bolt
Copper Nickel U Bolt
Copper Nickel J Bolt


Type Of Copper Nickel Nuts Available At Best Price:

 Copper NickelHex Nuts
 Copper NickelHeavy Hex Nut
 Copper NickelCap Nut
Copper Nickel Hex Nuts
Copper Nickel Heavy Hex Nut
Copper Nickel Cap Nut
 Copper NickelCoupling Nut
 Copper NickelSquare Nut
 Copper NickelCastle Nut
Copper Nickel Coupling Nut
Copper Nickel Square Nut
Copper Nickel Castle Nut
 Copper NickelFlex Lock Nut
 Copper NickelHigh Nut
 Copper NickelK Lock Nut
Copper Nickel Flex Lock Nut
Copper Nickel High Nut
Copper Nickel K Lock Nut
 Copper NickelSerrated Flange Nut
 Copper NickelFlange Lock Nut
 Copper NickelNylon Lock Nut
Copper Nickel Serrated Flange Nut
Copper Nickel Flange Lock Nut
Copper Nickel Nylon Lock Nut
 Copper NickelSlotted Nut
 Copper Nickel2 Way Lock Nut
 Copper NickelCustom Nut
Copper Nickel Slotted Nut
Copper Nickel 2 Way Lock Nut
Copper Nickel Custom Nut
 Copper NickelAcorn Nut
 Copper NickelWing Nut
 Copper NickelJam Nut
Copper Nickel Acorn Nut
Copper Nickel Wing Nut
Copper Nickel Jam Nut
 Copper NickelT Nuts
Copper Nickel T Nuts


Type Of Copper Nickel Screws Available At Best Price:

 Copper NickelSelf Drilling Screw
 Copper NickelMachine Screw
 Copper NickelParticle Board Screw
Copper Nickel Self Drilling Screw
Copper Nickel Machine Screw
Copper Nickel Particle Board Screw
 Copper NickelSelf Tapping Screw
 Copper NickelConcrete Screw
 Copper NickelChipboard Screw
Copper Nickel Self Tapping Screw
Copper Nickel Concrete Screw
Copper Nickel Chipboard Screw
 Copper NickelThread Rolling Screw
 Copper NickelRoofing Screw
 Copper NickelConstruction screws
Copper Nickel Thread Rolling Screw
Copper Nickel Roofing Screw
Copper Nickel Construction screws
 Copper NickelThread Cutting Screw
 Copper NickelDrywall Screw
 Copper NickelCoach screws / Lag screw
Copper Nickel Thread Cutting Screw
Copper Nickel Drywall Screw
Copper Nickel Coach screws / Lag screw
 Copper NickelWood Screw
 Copper NickelEuro Screw
 Copper NickelCollated Screw
Copper Nickel Wood Screw
Copper Nickel Euro Screw
Copper Nickel Collated Screw
 Copper NickelFurniture Screw
 Copper NickelCap Screws
 Copper NickelThumb & Wing Screws
Copper Nickel Furniture Screw
Copper Nickel Cap Screws
Copper Nickel Thumb & Wing Screws
 Copper NickelSems Screw
Copper NickelScrew
Copper Nickel Sems Screw
Copper Nickel Screw


Type Of Copper Nickel Washers Available At Best Price:

 Copper NickelPlain / Flat Washer
 Copper NickelSpring Washers
 Copper NickelDome Washer
Copper Nickel Plain / Flat Washer
Copper Nickel Spring Washers
Copper Nickel Dome Washer
 Copper NickelDome Tooth Washer
 Copper NickelCountersunk Washer
 Copper NickelTooth Lock Washer
Copper Nickel Dome Tooth Washer
Copper Nickel Countersunk Washer
Copper Nickel Tooth Lock Washer
 Copper NickelOgee Washer
 Copper NickelHex Washers
 Copper NickelSplit /Lock Washer
Copper Nickel Ogee Washer
Copper Nickel Hex Washers
Copper Nickel Split /Lock Washer
 Copper NickelHexagonal Washer
 Copper NickelSquare Washer
 Copper NickelDock Washer
Copper Nickel Hexagonal Washer
Copper Nickel Square Washer
Copper Nickel Dock Washer
 Copper NickelCustomized Washer
 Copper NickelFender Washer
 Copper NickelTab Washers
Copper Nickel Customized Washer
Copper Nickel Fender Washer
Copper Nickel Tab Washers

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we internationaly registered brand "STI FAST" is very popular in ASIA, Gulf, Africa & Europe, we have 300 ton daily floating stock of Copper Nickel fasteners & our specialist manufacturing products like Copper Nickel J bolts, Copper Nickel T- Head bolts, Copper Nickel Wing screw, Copper Nickel Eye bolt, Copper Nickel Foundation bolts, Copper Nickel Structural bolts,Copper Nickel  Carriage Bolt,Copper Nickel  Anchor Bolt, Copper Nickel  Eye Bolt, Copper Nickel  Flange Bolt etc are in daily demand by Nuclear Power, Solar energy, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Ship Building Industries

STI is expert in the manufacture and export of small quantity Copper Nickel fasteners as per International Standards & OEM Drawings,STI is known in Europe & far east countries as an expert in manufacturing fasteners in Exotic Alloys. Inconel, Super Duplex, Titanium, Nitronic and Hastelloy, we at STI  work daily with these Special alloys, Inconel & Hastelloy Fasteners  known for its corrosion resistance and high temperature stability, like Copper Nickel  Bolts, are a family of nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys used for their high strength at elevated temperatures and good corrosion resistance,

Steel Tubes India is a leader in manufacturing Copper Nickel fasteners worldwide. Other fastener manufacturers in INDIA claim to be professional with Copper Nickel fasteners but Steel tubes India has experience of 30 years supplying to Energy companies in countries like Malaysia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa,Tanzania, Kenya, Algeria, Sudan, Uganda, Morocco, Ghana, Mozambique, Angola, Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabwe,Tunisia, Guinea, Libya, Namibia, Gambia, Gabon, Russia, Germany,Turkey, France, United Kingdom,  Italy , Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ireland,Georgia, Slovakia, Iran , Iraq, Saudi Arabia , Yemen, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, SriLanka, Tajikistan,Thailand,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica , Australia, newzealand

Copper Nickel fasteners can be most effective under high temperatures and corrosive enviorenment, STI provide a wide variety of  Copper Nickel fasteners such as; Copper Nickel  nutsCopper Nickel bolts, Copper Nickel sockets, Copper Nickel washers etc as per drawings with Free consultancy on Copper Nickel Fasteners by highly experienced Engineers

If you need custom fasteners created with Copper Nickel fasteners. Steel Tubes India is India's largest fastener manufacturers,Stock holder and metal finishers,We are Exotic Alloy Fasteners manufacturer with a speciality of high Nickel Alloy, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Studs, Screws .We maintain good stock of Copper Nickel fasteners for urgent requirements & can ship same day, we provide express delivery of Copper Nickel Fasteners 365 days for any industrial breakdowns,We have enough experience with machining high nickel alloys.

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