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Textile Industry

The production of textiles involves one of the oldest technologies in the globe. The industry has come a long way and the manufacturing plants have transformed into highly technical units. In order to make textiles, the first requirement is a source of fiber from which a yarn can be made, primarily by spinning and then it is processed to various other fabrics. We supply our range of products to this industry, after taking their industry specifications into consideration. 

The textile industries look for reliable suppliers for fitting so that their units keep on running without any trouble. Our engineers are expert in industrial applications and we provide installation assistance on request. The components that we manufacture can be maintained at a very low cost. 

Steel Tubes India manufacture and supply products, that are not only superior in quality but function with great amount of accuracy in their specified application. Our products, which are used in the various applications of textile industry include steel pipes & tubes, sheets, plates, flanges, forged pipe fittings, fabrications, olets and butt weld fittings. We provide customization facility, in order to fulfill distinct requirements of diverse industries.

Machinery Fabrication

Machinery Fabrication sector is driven by unique and demanding operational requirements, coupled with new engineering techniques that assist in achieving overall profits and driving process improvements. Maintenance cost is one concern that is always in the minds of the representatives of this industry. Steel Tubes India has been able to cut down their worries to a great extent. Our products are easy to install in this sector and at the same time we provide technical assistance for better performance. 

All the components that we manufacture, can be customized according to the specific requirements of this industry. Our products feature sophisticated designing and high performance features in extremely challenging operational environments. Steel Tubes India manufactures high-integrity hydraulic products providing optimum equipment performance for almost every application involved in machinery fabrication. 

We have a wide range of standard products, that are renowned to work with efficiency , our wide list of product includes: pipes, tubes, butt weld fitting, forged pipe fittings, olets, flanges, plate and sheets, round bar, fasteners, customized fabrications and more.

Chemical Industry

Chemical industries are involved in diverse processes and applications and to fulfill their various requirements, we supply a wide range of   products for manufacturing and processing plants. Clinical safety is very important in this industry and our products are able to deliver it with ease.

Chemical industry is primarily driven by innovative manufacturing techniques and integration of industry expertise with precision. We supply customized fitting solutions, so the experts of this industry can discuss their requirement with us and we can develop components accordingly. Our products possess strong chemical resistance and can endure high temperatures and pressures. They also feature operational flexibility for changing application areas, thereby improving processing methods.

Our products, which are extensively used in the production applications of chemical industry and work with utmost accuracy are - steel pipes and tubes, butt weld fittings, forged pipe fittings, flanges, plate, sheets, fabrications, forged pipe fittings and more.

Dairy Plant

Within India there are more than four hundred dairy plants, that exist in the public, cooperative and private sectors. This fact reflects the importance of milk as part of the daily diet. Through our products, we provide effective solutions to increase the output of these plants. 

The Dairy Plant is an industry that is increasingly opting for highly specialized machineries to increase production. Our endeavor has been to manufacture products that are exactly in tune with the requirements of the dairy plants so that there is no hampering of the process flow because of any sort of malfunctioning in the machinery.

We, at Steel Tubes India, design & produce our products for offshore applications keeping the various requirements of our clients in mind. Superior in quality and functionality, our products ensure smooth processes & operations and improved efficiency.


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