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Hot Dip Galvanising Bolts
Hot Dip Galvanising Bolts
Hot Dip Galvanising Nuts
Hot Dip Galvanising Nuts
Hot Dip Galvanising Screws
Hot Dip Galvanising Screws

Specification For Hot Dip Galvanized Fasteners

Selected zinc-based protective coatings on threaded fasteners have been listed above. One difficulty arises because electroplating is often known – misleadingly – as electrogalvanizing. It is not, therefore, enough merely to specify ‘galvanizing’ if a long life is required. The fastener specification should clearly state “that the fastener coating should conform to BS 7371: Part 6: 1998” and the addition of a clause “to be galvanized by a member of the Galvanizers Association” will ensure the high quality provided by its member companies and the technical back-up service of GA.

What is Hot Dip Galvanising?

Hot Dip Galvanising is a process developed to prevent steel from corroding. Before the process can take place, the steel goes through a thorough chemical clean; this removes all rust, oil and mill scale from the surface. When the cleaning process has been completed and the cleaning solution has been rinsed off, the coating process can begin. The steel is dipped into a bath of molten zinc that has been heated to around 460 °C (860 °F). The steel is then removed from the bath and left to cool in a quench tank. When the cooling process is complete, the zinc coating is then metallurgically bonded to the steel.

Galvanized Nuts And Bolts

As a general rule, nuts, bolts and washers down to 8 mm diameter can be galvanized and a wide range of threaded components can now be processed using special equipment. For ISO metric fasteners, the galvanizing of one thread either internal or external requires an extra clearance of four times the coating thickness. In practice, it is normal for standard bolts from stock to be fully galvanized, but for nuts to be galvanized as blanks and then tapped up to 0.4 mm oversize with the threads then lightly oiled. When assembled, the nut thread is protected by contact with the coating on the bolt. Even after many years of service, galvanized nuts can readily be unfastened even though the threads have never been galvanized. Further details of the dimensions, processing and performance of hot dip galvanised bolts and nuts is given in ‘The Engineers & Architects Guide to Hot Dip Galvanized Nuts and Bolts’, published by Galvanizers Association.

Ten Good Reasons For Hot Dip Galvanising

1 - Long life Galvanizing provides an easy to clean surface which can give a maintenance-free life of over 50 years. (This is dependent on the environment it is being used in). When maintenance eventually becomes necessary, it is straightforward: no complex preparation treatments are necessary.

2 - Competitive first cost
For many applications the cost of hot dip galvanizing is lower than that of applying alternative coatings. The reason is simple: alternatives - particularly painting - are very labour intensive compared with galvanising which is a highly mechanized, closely controlled factory process.

3 - Lowest lifetime cost
Low initial cost and long life make galvanizing the most versatile and economic way of protecting steel for long periods. There are bonuses from no maintenance or extended maintenance intervals: fewer problems of access in remote areas, difficult terrain or when buildings are closely packed together; also when there are safety restrictions e.g. electricity pylons.

4 - Reliability
The process is relatively simple, straightforward and closely controlled. The thicknesses (weights) of coatings formed are regular, predictable and simply specified. Hot dip galvanizing is one of the few coatings which is completely defined by a British Standard (BS EN ISO 1461).

5 - Speed of application
A full protection coating can be applied in hours; a complicated paint system can require a week.

6 - Coating toughness
Galvanizing is unique: the hot dip process produces a coating which is bonded metallurgically to the steel. No other coating process has this feature, and as a result galvanised steel has by far the greatest resistance to mechanical damage during handling, storage, transport and construction - an important factor where steelwork is to be shipped around the world.

7 - Complete coverage
Because it is formed by dipping steel in molten zinc, all parts of the surface of the steel are coated - inside, outside, awkward corners, and narrow gaps which would be impossible to protect in any other way. The coating actually tends to build up at vital corners and edges - rather than thinning out as do brushed, sprayed and other dipped coatings.

8 - Three-way protection
Galvanized coatings protect steel in three ways:

  • Firstly, the coating weathers at a very slow rate giving a long and predictable life.
  • Secondly, the coating corrodes preferentially to provide cathodic (sacrificial) protection to any small areas of steel exposed through drilling, cutting or accidental damage; scratches are sealed by weathering products from the zinc.
  • Thirdly, if the damaged area is larger, the sacrificial protection prevents the sideways creep of rust which can undermine paint coatings.

9 - Ease of inspection
Galvanized steel simplifies inspection of the protective finish. The nature of the process is such that if the coating looks continuous and sound, it is! Thicknesses - simply specified through BS EN ISO 1461 - can be easily checked with an electronic probe.

10 - Faster construction
Galvanized steel is ready for use. No further site surface preparation, painting, touch up or inspection is necessary. Once constructed the galvanized steel is ready for use: and cladding can begin immediately, thus accelerating the construction time.

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