Stainless Steel Forged Bar

Forging is a process that is commonly used because the process not only combines the strength of steel with superior resistance to corrosion but also to heat resistance. Austenitic grades like the SS 316 Bright Forging Round Bar is the most common SS alloy aside from grade 304.

Stainless Steel Forged Bar

The ease in cleaning along with high corrosion resistance properties of forged ss is the main reason why this alloy used for sanitary applications. Moreover, SS Forged Bar enhances as well as amplifies the existing properties of this alloy. In essence, the forging process done on the forged ss is what improves the corrosion resistance property of ss, while increasing the metals’ capacity to endure harsh, aggressive and more extreme environmental conditions. The forgings process on the ss forging round rod is also what creates a unique and continuous grain flow, which in turn aids in providing strength where it's required the most. As expected of a forging process, the SS 304 bright forged rod can assist in the formation of a protective oxide layer, in combination with chromium. This oxide rich passivated layer is what helps the alloy’s resistance to corrosion. Hence, forged ss round bar produced from alloy 316 is not only able to resist stress related cracking and crevice corrosion but also pitting, deformation, as well as other hazards that could reduce the life span of these forged bars.


Stainless Steel Forged Bar Material Specification Chart

Stainless Steel Forged Bar Dimensions American Society for Testing and Materials, American Society for Testing and Materials and American Petroleum Institute specification
Size of SS 304 Forging Round Bar in Inch 0.19" To 19.68"
Forged SS Round rod Length 400 CM to 600 CM / as Client's requirements

SS 304 Forging Round Bar Equivalent Material

SS Forged bar 1.4373 S20200

Composition Standard Forged Stainless Steel Round Bar

Elements Carbon Chromium Manganese Nickel Phosphorus sulphur Silicon
SS 304 Forging Round Bar ≤ 0.15 17- 19 7.50-10 4-6 ≤ 0.060 ≤ 0.030 ≤ 1

ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Forged Bar Mechanical Properties Analysis

Grade High Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation
Stainless Steel Forged Bar 275 MPa 515 MPa 40%