Stainless Steel U Bolts

Grade 304 SS U-Bolts are a kind of bolts which are produced the shape of the letter U. Hence, the name is self explanatory to its shape. SS U Bolts, as expected tend to have screw threads on both ends. Primarily used as a means to support pipework, in addition to permitting passage of fluids and gasses through pipes. An additional purpose of U-bolts could also be to hold ropes together.

Stainless Steel U Bolts

A derivative of regular U-bolts is the square U bolt. The difference between a regular U-bolt and the Ss Square U Bolts is that the shape of the latter is squared. While different alloy grades are used in the manufacture of SS Square U Bolts, their selection is solely done on the basis of their application. For instance, if the cost of the entire application is to be drastically reduced, the client would prefer using the more economical alloy i.e. grade 304. While grade 304 is a highly economical grade and is widely used by many industries, there are instances wherein their mechanical as well as corrosion resistance properties may not be sufficient enough.

That is where SS 316 U Bolts save the day. Despite being a tad bit expensive in comparison to grade 304, the performance of grade 316 Square Bend Ss U-Bolts, in terms of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties tend to remain unmatched by grade 304. In industries like pharmaceutical, biomedical as well as food and beverage industry, where hygiene is given utmost importance, the SS U Bolt Manufacturers often recommend grade 316 to be. Furthermore, the application these SS U-Bolts Dimensions are to be used for also act as a guideline for manufacturers during production.


Stainless Steel U Bolts Specifications

Stainless Steel U Bolts Material Specifications American Society of Mechanical Engineers SA 193
SS U Bolt Length in Inch 0.11 Inch to 10 Inch
Size of Stainless Steel Square U Bolts M3 to M56, 12.7MM to 50.8MM
Standard of SS 316 U Bolts American Society for Testing and Materials, Deutsches Institut, British Standards

SS U Bolt Size Chart In Mm

Square U Round U Custom U
2 4 1.6 1.2 -
2.5 5 2 1.6 -
3 5.5 2.4 1.8 4
4 7 3.2 2.2 5
8 13 6.5 4 8
5 8 4 2.7 5
6 10 5 3.2 6
10 17 8 5 10
12 19 10 6 12
14 22 11 7 14
16 24 13 8 16
18 27 15 9 18.5
7 11 5.5 3.5 -
20 30 16 10 20

Torque Chart of 4-inch stainless steel U bolts

Sizes of
Stainless Steel U Bolts
in Inches
Per Inch
Standard Dry Torque in Foot
1 1/8 7 413 432
12 390 408
1 1/4 7 523 546
12 480 504
1 1/2 6 888 930
12 703 732
4-inch SS U bolts Sizes in Inches Threads
Per Inch
Standard Torque in Inch
1/4 20 75.2 78.8
28 94.0 99.0
5/16 18 132 138
24 142 147
3/8 16 236 247
24 259 271
7/16 14 376 393
20 400 418
1/2 13 517 542
20 541 565

Dimensions Standard of 18-8 Stainless Steel U Bolts

(B x C)
Thread Length
Fits Pipe Size
1/4 inch-20
9/16 inch x 1-3/8 inch 3/4 inch 1/4 inch
5/16 inch-18 (A)
1-3/4 inch x 3 inch 1-1/2 inch 1-1/4 inch
3/8 inch-16 (A)
2 inch x 3-1/8 inch 1-1/2 inch 1-1/2 inch
1/2 inch-13 (A)
3 inch x 5 inch 2-1/2 inch 2-1/2 inch

Can we use U Bolt as a pipe clamp?

An U-bolt is a kind of a fastener manufactured in the shape of the letter U and these bolts have screw threads on both ends. Primarily, U bolts are used to support pipework or pipes through which permits the passage of fluids and gasses. Today, many buyers prefer using a u-Bolt as a pipe clamp for any kind of tubing or for a round bar. Similar to a pipe clamp, the u-Bolt is often recommended for use in the suspension for cold pipelines that could either be insulated or may not be insulated. When used on pipes, the u-Bolt has the ability to not only grasp it but also facilitate hoisting or suspension. For instance in buildings and construction projects, gravity in amalgamation with an incorrect set up could lead to objects falling or getting corroded. In this scenario using a u-Bolt as a pipe clamp is considered to be a good idea. Especially since, securing these u-bolts to an overhead structure such as a beam, or ceiling, could aid in limiting vibrations, while securing elevated pipes.

U-bolts are also particularly useful to keep pipes snug during shipping. During transportation, these pipes hop up and down, which in turn could lead to breakage. That’s where a U-bolt steps in. They can restrict pipes movements at the same time adding a buffer between the pipes and other metals, thus effectively preventing breakage.